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Car with Coffee Maker

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If you enjoy the comfort of a fresh cup of coffee while driving, you may be interested in a car with a built-in coffee maker. There are many options for coffee makers, including those that fit into the Lexus LM and the VW Beetle. There are also coffee makers that can be carried around and installed easily. The following article describes two popular coffee makers for cars: the Hertella-Auto-Kaffeemaschine and the Handpresso.


The Hertella-Auto-Kaffemaschine was available for a short time in 1959. It was a revolutionary idea that faded away into the shadow of the "good ideas" of the time. This device is not well-known online. Even if you find some information online, it is likely that it is from another era. Here are some facts you should know about this coffeemaker.


Whether you're commuting to work or simply enjoy an espresso before going out for dinner, you can make it at your car with a coffee maker by Handpresso. This innovative product makes it easy to make delicious espresso no matter where you are. And it's compatible with Nespresso capsules. This car coffee maker is a great alternative to making your own espresso at home.

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Lexus LMP

A Lexus LM car is equipped with a coffee maker, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee as you cruise along the highway with your spouse. For your beverage choice, this luxury sedan can be equipped with a optional 0.5-cubic feet refrigerator. The LM has the capacity to store two bottles of champagne or wine.

Volkswagen Beetle

A Volkswagen Beetle's dash-mounted coffeemaker isn't as expensive and sophisticated as other systems. These systems are even more rare these days. However, Dave did manage to find one. The device can be mounted in the car's dash and works with the car’s cigarette lighter. It dispenses coffee into a porcelain cup that fits onto a metal base. The coffee pot does not need to be purchased separately.

Lexus S-Class Maybach

A coffee maker in a luxury car isn't just for the driver. Both drivers and passengers will enjoy the high-tech interiors and luxurious features. The Lexus S-Class Maybach luxury Lexus comes standard with a number of safety- and comfort features, such as adaptive cruise control and active driving. The vehicle also includes an active lane-centering and 360-degree camera systems, as well as self-parking. The interior has a head up display that projects augmented reality images onto its screen.

Lexus ES350

Consider a new car with a built in coffee maker. This luxury feature is available in the Lexus ES-350. It's a great way for you to show off your love of coffee. You can also enjoy a cup anytime you like. The ES-350 sedan is a luxurious luxury vehicle with many amenities, including a espresso maker.

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Lexus ES350 with coffee maker

The Lexus ES-350's new coffee maker adds class and elegance to this luxurious car. A 12.3 inch widescreen provides navigation, audio, or smartphone apps. The car's climate control system offers heating and cooling for the driver's seat and steering wheel. It can hold 16.7 cubic foot of trunk space. The ES's interior features a rich blend of warm materials, including a coffee maker.

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Car with Coffee Maker