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Apple CEO Steve Jobs's Demise Is Ironic. Ironic ending to an Ironic Career

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs died at the age 56 on September 11. Pancreatic carcinoma was the cause. Jobs had been fighting this cancer for at least six year and received a liver transplant. Jobs died just one day after Apple released the iPhone 4S. We've compiled a brief article on Jobs' life, career, and relationship with Chrisann Brennan. Here are some of our favorite Jobs quotes and their meaning to us today.

The career of a job

Steve Jobs's legacy spans several decades. As CEO of Apple, he created a revolution in the music industry and ushered in the era of MP3 players. His innovation spanned multiple industries and even spawned several successful companies. Apple was a pioneering figure in many areas, including smartphones, computers and the iPod. Steve Jobs' passing is ironic. It marks the end to a life that was full of innovation, hard work, and creativity.

His health

Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared that he was now on medical leave because of cancer. After a 2008 liver transplant, he was placed on a six-month work break. He had also undergone a cancer surgery in 2004. He was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic carcinoma and an islet cell Neuroendocrine tumor. Hormone imbalances can occur. Jobs' condition did not improve after the surgery.

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His relationship with Chrisann Brennan

In addition to being his high school sweetheart, Steve Jobs' relationship with Chrisann Brennans was also rocky. Kottke said Brennan felt bullied, and was treated second-class citizens in his home. They worked out their differences and started to see each others more often. Brennan published a Rolling Stone magazine article about their relationship. Their relationship was not perfect, but it ended happily.

His final words

When he passed away, Steve Jobs did not use his last words to warn people against the mindless pursuit of wealth. The rumor was spread quickly on social media and low-traffic blogs and was never confirmed or denied by anyone close to Jobs. The Internet is abuzz with a fake essay that suggests Jobs may have used these words in warnings. This article explains the reasons why we aren't sure what Jobs meant by his final words.

His legacy

His dedication to delighting customers is the greatest legacy of Steve Jobs. Whether he invented the iPad or created the iPod, Jobs' commitment to delighting consumers was at its core. This commitment was what made Apple's approach to the introduction of new products so unique. Jobs has died, and his legacy will be written differently now than it was while he was still alive. Here are some Jobs' most memorable achievements.

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs's Demise Is Ironic. Ironic ending to an Ironic Career